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Healy Revolutionary Health Products - Frequencies for Your Life

  • HEALY is a revolutionary microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by FDA for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion.

  • HEALY is an unique, innovative, portable wellness device, proven to improve body‘s cellular, emotional and energetic levels to activate self healing and optimize balance, by means of frequencies. Healy provides real-time frequency analysis via Quantum sensor.

  • HEALY connects via bluetooth to your iphone/ smartphone. The Healy Application runs on your iphone/smartphone like any other app, with your selected Healy program being transmitted to you via the Healy device.

  • HEALY is simple to use device. Wear the device appropriately. Set the program in your Healy app. Adjust intensity and let the magic unfold and feel the benefits!

  • ♥ HEALY is Love and Energy from Universe! ♥


This only with natural energy, vibration and frequencies. Non invasive, not addictive and with no side effect.



Nutrition, Frequencies, Motion for Life



What makes Healy a great health companion?


Healy has two components:

  1. A hardware device that has a built-in Quantum Sensor.

  2. A phone app that connects to a medical cloud that stores all the frequencies and data.

Healy has two functions:

  1. A micro-current function that uses electromagnetic impulse to stimulate cellular activities.

  2. A Resonance function that uses frequencies to communicate with your bio-energetic field to restore it to balance from its’ dysfunction.

    Both functions are designed to balance and support the human bio-energetic field, ultimately helping with  advanced recovery, vitality and well-being. 

Healy for Balance of Body, Mind & Soul


Healy is a wearable that uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs for the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field.

Wellness and well-being principles revolve around maintaining the balance between the mind, body and soul. Healy is the only device on the planet earth for balancing between Body, Mind and Soul.

It taps not only to the tangible aspect of our health but also into the intangible facets of human life and psychology. In today's fast paced world - it's extremely important to give your mind and soul the same priority that you'd give your body.

Isn't it a great feeling to feel strong, active and healthy? A healthy body and mind means quality of life, after all.

That's why the Healy offers you IMF applications to help you stay fit, and harmonize your Bioenergetic Field. It is designed to support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily and find peace in the evening.

Healy is meant help you to increase your vitality to improve the flow of your energy reserves and to activate your energy reservoirs.

Healy empowers people to take control of their health


The Healy technology has been used by 1000’s of Health Practitioners and Doctors across Europe who have successfully treated over 500,000 patients over the last 15 years using the Practitioner only equipment called TimeWaver.

The Healy is a miniaturised version of the larger TimeWaver device. The larger TimeWaver device costs between $25,000-$40,000 and requires extensive medical training.

Rather than having to depend on a Practitioner or Doctor for energy medicine treatments, The Healy was designed for people to use at home. This amazing device that is Healy, empowers people to take back control and responsibility for their health.

So the beauty of the Healy Device is that you can self-treat anywhere, anytime. Using the simple to follow program guides, you will quickly become proficient in knowing what programs to run and when to run them for your ultimate treatments.

Healy – one product for the whole Family


Healy is versatile, revolutionary and cutting edge technology! Healy is the first medical wearable that you control by using your smart phone and the Healy App. With Healy, you can easily treat yourself at work, at home, or in your leisure time.

This small device will give you support across all important areas of your life such as Health, fitness, beauty and mental balance.

Healy analyses your frequency state and identifies the frequencies you need at any specific moment and transmits small currents and specific frequencies via different electrodes onto you.


Healy is designed to harmonise your Bioenergetic Field and enhance recovery, vitality and wellbeing.

You can use specific Healy programs to support headaches, migraine or periodic pain, back, knee, sciatic or muscle pain.

Healy contains programs for many other applications such as learning disabilities, concentration or anxiety disorders. There are also programs to support burnout, stress, insomnia, nicotine addiction or depression with this smart wearable.



Healy offers you IMF programs for the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field in the following areas:


  • Gold Cycle​

  • Sleep

  • Protection Programs​

  • Mental Balance

  • Job

  • Skin

  • Learning

  • Fitness

  • Beauty

  • Meridians

  • Chakras

  • Bioenergetic Harmony


The Healy's IMF programs can support you after just a 20 minute application, no matter where you are: playing sports, relaxing, at work, home, or on the go.

Although Healy is small, light and inexpensive, it has a lot to offer: it can harmonize your Bioenergetic Field to help balance your mind and body and improve your quality of life, and it can also give you an analysis of your energetic state and help you find ways to improve it.

Healy is an ingenious invention that will provide you with support for your holistic health, your wellbeing, your family and yet it is easy to use. To give you an overview of what Healy can do for you, and to make sure that you only buy what you really need, we have put together the Healy IMF program pages and modules in the form of different editions, so you can choose the best one for you.


A Healy Edition consists of the Healy itself and a group of IMF programs for a specific application area. Of course you can add other program pages to your Healy at any time if you need more functionality later!


The Right Healy for You


To give you an overview of what the Healy can do for you and to enable you to only buy what you really need, we have organized Healy's wellness applications into different program pages, covering various aspects for the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field. Each program page contains a number of Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) Healy programs for a specific application field, e.g. "Beauty" or "Job".

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