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totown.net is created as a virtual community center for you and your teams to cultivate conscious awareness and spiritual intelligence with Healy, the most advanced Quantum Healing Technology available today to help heal your body, mind and spirit.


This is a free resource center that is designed to help you heal yourself, then you can extend that support to your families, friends and teams. Feel free to utilize the content of this website to support yourself in whichever way you need, but visit us often because we update this site regularly with useful blog posts.


We also welcome your creative participation. We would love for you to share your Healy experiences and aspirations. If you would like to be our guest blogger, please contact us. We would love for you to contribute your wisdom to enrich our community.


Sharing is the most wonderful aspect of human life. We are heart center, loving creatures that thrive in communion and sharing and togetherness. Healy has brought us together for the highest good of all. So thank you for being here. We welcome you with open arms and open hearts.


Healy Coming totown.net Team

Welcome to totown.net!

I am Winnie Morrisroe living in the US with design and engineering background in career. Now I am proud Healy World member and Senior Director rank at Healy. I enjoy sharing Healy and leading my fast-growing international team.


I am also the designer and creator of this website totown.net - webdesign is one of my hubbies.  I hope to help my new team members and new friends to learn about Healy products and opportunities, and to join us for health, wellness and vitality, and for personal growth and success and freedom in life.


I found Healy has been truly a very exciting and rewarding experience for me. I am glad you are here with reasons - we have connections!


I would say Healy is worthy you to own as device for your health, and worthy you to try as a great business opportunity. Give a try! You never know what Healy can bring to you! I am here available to help you out for whatever your goal is.


Please feel free to browse around - 20+ pages of information about Healy. If you have any questions, leave me your message in the form below, or call/text to my phone +1 (650) 888-8680. We can chat. Thank you!

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