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Evolution on Health & Freedom

  1. Healy is fully funded by a conscious multi billionaire Christian Halper.

  2. APPLE and AMAZON wanted to buy Healy but Healy can not be bought.

  3. The technology used in this device are patented.

  4. It is a start-up business but with 15 years of technology expertise behind it as it was created from the 'Mother' company TIMEWAVER.

  5. There is nothing on the market – Healy is the 1st one using quantum tech in frequencies for health.

  6. It is opened in 45 countries mostly in Europe and USA via social selling. Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and huge Asian markets are opening or about to open.

  7. A category creator that is growing to be a billion dollar business. A unicorn product Blue Ocean, not a “me too”.

  8. The world of HEALY products is based on three pillars - frequencies for life, motion for life and nutrition for life. All to be hot and on demand markets.

  9. Using smart phone technology and quantum science combined with spirituality. HEALY is here to promote your health, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

Your 20 Reasons Why to Evolve Healy

  1. Work from anywhere

  2. Your own schedule

  3. Low cost of entry and risk free business

  4. No employees

  5. Low operational activities/costs

  6. Tax benefits from a home-based business

  7. No decimation

  8. No commuting

  9. Security

  10. Training readily available

  11. Quickly profitable and generous comp plan by Healy (30-40% bonus on sales)

  12. Build your business by using the internet

  13. Ability to work in a stress free environment

  14. Ability to involve your children

  15. Community

  16. Build your social skills

  17. Help others on a massive scale




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