First Steps: Order Your Healy to Get Started


Whether you want to build your own Healy Business or you just want to get your Healy and start using it for yourself, simply Register to buy your Healy by following the following step-by-step guide to make it happen for you.

Get your Healy and Join our Winning Team!


Healy is a network marketing company. Healy products are only available through social selling - membership (free) with a sponsor who brings you to Healy. Every Healy member or customer is given a Healy ID # like 1234-1234-1234, which links you to your direct upline and to your direct downlines when you have.

If you are interested in both Healy products and Healy business, you should register to Healy as a MEMBER which allows you to bring your people to Healy and earn bonuses and compensation once you sell. If you are only interested in Healy products, you can register as a customer, or still register as a member, giving yourself chance to sponsor others later on - you get in line now on Dual Structure.

So, you need to buy your Healy to start. If you already have someone who has helped you on Healy, please ask her/his referral link to register and buy your Healy under.  Otherwise you're welcome to have me-Winnie as your sponsor, I'll provide you one-to-one support and training. See page About Us Contact Us.

Please see Choose Your Healy page for which edition is best for you. Also see current Healy Promotion Sale for best deal you're getting.
There are two options below for you to order your Healy device:

Option 1 - You register / buy by yourself

Based on your Region click one of my following referral links to register and order your Healy. You will receive your own Healy ID after done.

Healy Shop Asia:

Healy Shop Australia:

Healy Shop Europe:

Healy Shop USA:

Healy Shop India:

Here is another referral Link I support.

Healy Shop USA:

Once you clicked my referral link, you're going to see a pop-up window like this:




  • Click Yes on green bar and go to Healy Shop site.

  • Hover your cursor over SHOP in the top menu and select HEALY EDITIONS.

  • Select the Healy Edition you wish to purchase and add to the cart!

  • Consider adding HEALY COIL and other items.

  • Complete check-out page: choose to register as a member or a customer, provide your name, username you want, email, phone number, address, and payment information (Visa/Master card only). Place your order.

  • Receive a confirmation of your order - take a screen shot as a record. You're done!

Option 2 - Fill the Form bellow I'll register for you

Result is the same - you become a member or costumer of Healy. Please provide correct and accurate information below. You will receive emails from Healy regarding your account. Visit and login your account to two Healy sites to learn all about Healy. We also need to have a free consultation on your journey to your health and success.

Your Order Form:

Register as a Member or as Customer? Your choice of Healy Edition? Add any other items? Your additional message?


   Member is recommended

  1. Healy Gold $506  

  2. Healy Holistic $1015 


  3. Healy Resonance $1515 

  4. Healy Professional $4041
     Plus Tax

Thanks for submitting!


Welcome and Congratulation joining Healy!

Once your order is placed, you will receive emails from Healy regarding your new Healy account. Visit and login to your two Healy websites with your username and temporary password provided by Healy in your email:

  1. Your Web-shop link:
    Here you can go to Account Details to change your temp password to a one  you can easily remember. You can order any Healy additional products...


  2. Your Back Office site:
    Here you can get on Healy Academy pages to view videos, find your referral links to to register other people into Healy, download Healy manuals, flyers and documents,  view your team structures and team performance, and view your bonuses and compensation...


It takes 3-5 business days for your Healy to arrive in USA.


Contact me - call/text me Winnie 1+ (650) 888-8680 or email to to schedule a free consultation with me on your Healy set-up and your journey to your health and success. You're welcome to browse around and continue to learn all about Healy.

​Your next steps are to learn about Healy and start to your Journey to Success!