Healy Frequently Asked Questions

Healy Harware

  1. How much does a replacement Healy cost (out of warranty)? I have lost my Healy, what can I do?
    The Healy hardware costs €300 excluding VAT if the Healy is replaced out of warranty. The programs and activations can be transferred from the old to the new Healy.

  2. Can't find my Healy device in the smartphone Bluetooth settings
    Connecting the Healy device does not go through your Bluetooth settings. Instead, you can connect to both Healy App and HealAdvisor Analyse App in these Apps.
    The connection screen in both Healy App and HealAdvisor Analyse App appears after reading through the Disclaimer and pressing "I have a Healy". Make sure that the Healy is turned on before continuing. When you come to the connection screen in the Healy App, it will ask you to input the Serial Number or scan the QR code (both on the back of the Healy device). In the HealAdvisor Analyse App it will search for any active Bluetooth device. Once the Healy is found, its Serial Number will appear, on which you can then click in order to start the connection. You can find more information about the connection process in the Manuals.


  3. I have to manually hold the charging cord on to Healy in order for it to charge
    If this happens, please try another charging cable and power plug to check whether the problem lies within the Healy charging socket or the charger itself. If the issue still persists, please reach out to Customer Support to exchange your device. Otherwise, replace the cord and/or charger.

  4. Why does the battery of my Healys discharge so quickly?
    The discharge of the battery always depends on the used program, the intensity and the skin resistance.

  5. Healy gets warm during use
    The Healy device may become warm during normal use, just like other devices such as a smartphone. However, if it becomes hot or starts to emanate smoke, it should be send to our technical laboratory for inspection.

  6. The plastic clip on my Healy is broken
    If your Healy’s attaching clip breaks during normal use, it will be repaired. Healys with the old-style clips and housing will be exchanged; newer clips with the new housing can be exchanged by the user. In this case, a new clip will be shipped to you. If you feel that you are not up to the task of exchanging the clip yourself, you need to send your Healy in for repair.

  7. Can I use adhesive electrodes and wristbands that I purchased from a different company with Healy?
    To ensure safe and optimal performance, only use accessories purchased directly from Healy World or an authorized third party supplier.

  8. Operating time of Healy
    The operating time of Healy is approx. 7-8 hours. This depends on both the intensity of a program and on the program itself, as some programs require more power than others.

  9. How to connect the bracelet electrodes to Healy and how to place them on your wrist
    It does not matter how the bracelet electrodes are plugged into Healy (+ or - polarity) and which wrist is connected to which electrode.  If no or only slight tingling is felt during the application, increase the intensity, moisten the bracelet electrodes and check for correct positioning. They should be worn tight.

  10. Bluetooth and connection problems


  11. General troubleshooting solutions
    Some general troubleshooting that might help you with your issues:
    1) Restart the Healy App.
    2) Check if the location sharing is activated (must be activated with most phones, Android 6.0 or above).
    3) Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone and then turn it on again.
    4) Press and hold the On/Off switch on the Healy device for at least 15 seconds until the green LED is permanently lit.
    5) Check if Healy battery is charged or not.
    6) Restart your phone and try 1-5 again


  12. The lead part of the cable broke off and is stuck within the internal body of the Healy.
    The inner ring of the cable conductor has broken off and is stuck on the gold pin of Healy’s cable connection socket.
    Note the LOT number (this can be found on the paper sleeve on the cable) and contact Customer Support to arrange for the cable to be replaced.
    The broken piece should be carefully removed from the socket with tweezers; these should have teeth or grooves so that the gripping jaws interlock, ensuring safe grip when removing the broken piece.


  13. Where is the Healy device produced/manufactured?
    Healy is produced/manufactured in Germany.


  14. How to turn on Healy?
    Firstly please make sure the Healy is fully charged. After its charged, briefly but firmly push the power button. If it is not turning on, try with a bit more force, on the center of the power icon.  If the green light flashes rapidly about 3 times, this indicates a flat battery and Healy needs to be charged.

  15. Green light is not constantly blinking
    The green light goes out when no frequency program is running, but the blue light from the Bluetooth indicator remains on when the Healy app or the HealAdvisor Analyse app are connected and communicating with your Healy. The green light during the HealAdvisor Analyse app only lights up when your are in Vibration mode.


  16. How to reset Healy (hardware reset)?
    Press and hold the power button on your Healy for 15 to 20 seconds until the green light is permanently on. As soon as you take your finger off the power button, the green light goes off. Now your Healy is reset to factory default and a standard program is loaded from its memory.

  17. Why doesn’t the Bluetooth light blink permanently?
    The Bluetooth light on your Healy is only blinking when there is a connection established between Healy and one of the Healy apps.

  18. Which code do I need to connect my smartphone to the Healy?
    The Healy is not connected directly via the Bluetooth menu of the smartphone. The connection to the Healy can only be established directly in the Healy or HealAdvisor Analyse App. The serial number used for the connection is printed on the back of the Healy.

  19. Can an Independent Healy World Member who has already been placed still be moved to the other leg?
    Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to move already placed Independent Healy World Member to the other leg. In your back office there is also the following note: "Once a Independent Healy World Member is placed in either left or right leg, it cannot be changed anymore!"

  20. Why does my Healy need to have GPS/location sharing turned on for Bluetooth connection when other devices do not?
    This is the case with Android version 6.0 and higher. There are two different types of Bluetooth connections: Standard Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The main difference between these two is that BLE has significantly lower energy consumption than Standard Bluetooth. Some devices and Apps for different uses (many wearables) need BLE so that you can use them for a longer time than with just the Standard Bluetooth. Devices like most headphones, wireless keyboard and mouse, etc. usually use Standard Bluetooth because their energy consumption is normally not as demanding as the energy needs of Healy and other devices/Apps. To be able to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy, the GPS/Location Sharing function must be switched on.

  21. The battery of my Healy dies before reaching 0%. What can I do?
    Healy’s battery needs a few full charging cycles after its first use until the charge indicator is calibrated and the correct percentage of the charge is showing. For those devices that are still within their first charging cycles, i.e. shortly after purchase or after a hardware reset, the charge indicator is not yet calibrated.
    To calibrate the charge indicator, proceed as follows:
    • Connect your Healy with the USB to micro-USB cable to a smartphone charger
    • While Healy is charging, press the on/ off button briefly once. Now the right hand LED light should be glowing permanently and flicker periodically.
    • Charge your Healy until the right LED light turns off
    • Now use your Healy until the battery is completely empty and recharge it again until the right LED light turns off
    Now the battery should last for about 3-7 full program runs, depending on which program is being used, due to the differences in their duration and intensity.


  22. The Healy app displayed an incorrect serial number after scanning.
    There are two codes to scan on the back of the Healy. A QR Code and a Data Matrix Code. The QR Code needs to be scanned. If, after scanning the Healy, an arbitrary sequence of numbers is displayed instead of the regular serial number (e.g. XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX) the  Data Matrix Code (right side) was mistakenly captured by the smartphone camera. Please cover the Data Matrix Code on the right of the Healy so the camera can only capture the QR code on the left and try again.

  23. What is the minimum operating system requirement for Apple and Android devices?
    The requirements for the Healy app and HealAdvisor Analyse App can be found in the compatibility section of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Search for the app in the app store and then scroll down to the compatibility section to see the compatible operating system versions.

  24. Ambient temperature range when operating Healy
    Healy should be operated in a temperature range of 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C).

  25. How can I clear the App Cache on my phone?
    Clearing the app cache is kind of like a cleanse for your apps. It will get rid of residual files that could be slowing down the app and cause the connection issues.
    If you have an iPhone, please proceed the following steps:
    1).    Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
    2).    Scroll down to the list of apps and tap on one that you want to clear.
    On your Android phone, please follow the steps below.
    1).    Go to Settings
    2).    Swipe to App & Notifications and tap Apps
    3).    Select the app you want to clear.
    4).    Tap Storage, and then tap Clear cache.

    If the steps are a bit different on your device, you may need to Google your specific device about how to clear the App cache.


  26. Healy battery is not fully charged
    Usually the Healy should be fully charged after 4 hours of charging, but if you have just purchased a Healy, it might be that the Healy is deeply uncharged, meaning that it should be charged for 12 hours. It is also helpful to repeat the charging cycles with a new Healy.
    Another thing to look out for is to notice if the green light on the Healy is very subtly flickering during the charging. If it is, it means that it is charging properly, if it is not, reset the charging process, connect to another charger with more power, or try another power outlet/socket.
    If issue persists, reach out to support.


  27. Which charger can be used for Healy?
    The USB interfaces on laptop computers sometimes do not provide enough current for charging your Healy. Please use a USB smartphone charger rated to at least 100 mA (all standard smartphone chargers can provide this kind of power). Please also make sure to check whether your charging cable is defective.

  28. My Healy is not connecting to the Healy App
    For the connection to be possible, you first need to make sure:
    1).    Healy is full charged
    2).    Healy is ready for operation
    3).    Healy is located near the smartphone (<10m)
    4).    Healy is not connected to another smartphone
    If the issue is not solved, please also try the following articles
    - How can I clear the Bluetooth Cache on my phone?
    - How can I clear the App Cache on my phone?


  29. Can I connect the Healy device to both Healy App and HealAdvisor Analyse App at the same time?
    It is possible to connect the Healy device to only one of these two Apps at the same time on your smartphone. It can't communicate with both of the Apps at the same time, just like it can't be used on two different smartphones at the same time.
    If your Healy device is already connected to one of these Apps, but you want to connect it to the other one, the App to which it is connected to already needs to be closed before trying to connect the Healy  to the other App.


  30. How can I clear the Bluetooth Cache on my phone?
    For iPhones, please follow the steps below:
    1.      Turn on the Healy
    2.      Go to App Settings -> Bluetooth
    3.      Locate the device
    4.      Press blue "i" information icon
    5.      Press "Forget this device"
    6.      Restart iPhone
    For Android phones please follow these steps:
    1.      Go to Settings
    2.      Select “Apps"
    3.      Display system apps (you may need to either swipe left/right or choose from the menu in the top right corner)
    4.      Select Bluetooth from the now larger list of Applications
    5.      Select Storage
    6.      Tap Clear Cache
    7.      Go back
    8.      Finally restart the phone
    If the steps are a bit different on your device, you may need to Google your specific device about how to clear the Bluetooth cache.


  31. I do not feel anything with the bracelets or adhesive electrodes even at 100% intensity
    Please check if everything is properly connected and use a damp cotton cloth under the bracelets, this will improve conductivity. It is important for the effectiveness of the application that the circle showing the progress of time on the screen is white, because in this case current is flowing - if no current is flowing, this circle is shown in black. For the new and better conducting silver wristbands, we have optimized the current intensity of the programs so that the current is within the optimal window of effectiveness; as a result, the current is only slightly noticeable, with effectiveness being unchanged.
  32. I have experienced skin irritations after applying microcurrents through electrodes
    Sensitive and dry skin can in some cases be irritated by microcurrent applications. Please use a damp cotton cloth under the electrodes; this ensures optimum conductivity. Please also make sure that the electrodes are in good contact with the skin, and reduce the intensity of the program if necessary. It is important for the effect of microcurrents that current is flowing. You can check whether current is flowing: If the circle on the screen showing the progress of time is white, then current is flowing - if no current is flowing, this circle is black.


  33. Why is the Healy not found by either the Healy or the HealAdvisor Analyse app?
    The Healy App and HealAdvisor Analyse App cannot be connected to the Healy at the same time. If the apps do not connect to the Healy when started individually, please check the following: 1. Is the Healy fully charged? 2. Is the Healy switched on? 3. Is the Healy also in the vicinity of the smartphone (<10m)? 4. Is the Healy possibly connected to another device? If so, please disconnect it.

  34. The Healy is 100% made in Germany. So why is there no German company mentioned?
    The Dutch company is only one of many distribution companies worldwide. The manufacturing company Healy GmbH, which is certified as a medical device manufacturer, is a German company.

  35. The lead socket of my cable broke off
    If this happens, please contact Customer Support to receive a replacement.

  36. Healy LED functions and reactions
    Powered on: Green LED blinks every 1 second
    Bluetooth connected: Blue LED blinks every 1 second
    Charger is connected and battery is charging: Green LED lights up continuously and pulsates every 1 second
    Battery is empty: Green LED blinks 8 times rapidly (and 1 time initially when power button is pressed)
    Battery fully charged and battery care is complete: Green LED is off while charger is still connected