Training - Go Pro 90 Days Run

Day 1 - Jan 3 2022

  1. Document and picture of you starting

  2. go to hot market, ask for help, who love you, how many people you have conversation with, you ended up be a customer.

  3. fill with conversation on social, have interaction with another human being

  4. everyday deal with your fear

  5. January, recruiting, if you are not at core rank at yourself, focus on Jan to bring in a new class, recruit as many as possible. In order to start this process strong. goal is shoot for 20 people

  6. Feb. launching new people. dive in and help them to

  7. push and push, to recruit you, people who has intention to build a team to grow their business

  8. March, first 20 people help them to get core rank be a star

  9. fitness 90 days, show up every day, do it every day coach to teach you to do, take pictures

  10. Stefania Lo Gatto and Danien Feier speaker from Saudi araba

  11. how to do with a couple and do 90 days run? Italian and German, 8.5 years ago,

  12. common vision, or one does support another, at least it will not stop you. if they stop you, this is your chance to make it work

  13. write down to do list

  14. things to remember to do

  15. calendar google with color on it. fantastical, la app?

  16. care the people and know their life

  17. what is everyone strategy?

  18. promote your partners, Edify your partner

  19. push your number getting bigger, there is nothing wrong to make more money

  20. you need to fall in love of you start to improve the impact.

  21. see a lot of opportunity

  22. getting better every day

  23. I can not go fast because bigger, you need to get over it

  24. if I have upper line bigger, challenge any of you living believe and keep activity going

  25. to change how you think and it will change your life,

  26. keep challenge you, rest will follow

  27. think bit, 100K a month

  28. how many people’s life you have impacted?

  29. many people do not know how to go from 10K to 100K

  30. how important if this business is for you?

  31. how much percent have you dedicated of your 100% only build you business, 99% is totally different than 100%, must be 100%?

  32. 100% intensity, 16 hours a day

  33. do not blame resource. there is always a way, if you do not have money, make more money

  34. start take responsivity

  35. so many zooms, 95% is online, zoom in and zoom out.

  36. empower women,

  37. in the world everything digital, what is content people is watching? short video, make a team and run

  38. know the right people why

  39. some people run for money, some people run for recognition, some people run for help others

  40. if you let me to drive your luxury car, I will run for it, she will do everything

  41. make video. visual

  42. one on one to every one. motivate each people, they paid 12K to create a video. they spent 45K for convention.

  43. recognition, rank advance. congrats them

  44. some people you can push, some one they do not like to be pushed

  45. do not stuck the results, just do it in next 24 hours focus on income productivity

  46. have conversation, most of them do not have enough conversation

  47. hit 50 to 100 conversations, go hard in next 24 hours, give your permission to be embrace position, give yourself permission, you could hit a break

  48. some of you may already ready to go cold market

Day 2 - Jan 4 2022 Invitation to a tool, direct approach

  1. take photo of you today

  2. as close all out of massive action as possible. raise capacity, some of them up and down, all is ok, walk or sprint,

  3. universe is testing on you now

  4. anything worthwhile require sacrifice, some of them in hospital who is still doing 90 days run

  5. are you a giver or taker in your community? you could either be rewarded or punished, either way

  6. because he is introvert person, people think he has agenda.

  7. decide to be giver, your perception of world changes fast, helping people like normal

  8. Today setup massive action we lean to do it

  9. do not be mad your community how you perceive to perceive that way, understand this is a bit of wake-up call, you will change a bit more, take your responsivity of your piece. you are showing up as a giver

  10. we are aware of comparison. comparison is theft of joy. comparing you with some one else, it is helpful, use it, it hurts, disregard it, comparison can be healthy, such as someone looks like your rank advance, succeed it, use it all results.

  11. Eric has 18 jobs before 23 yrs. old, if you have bad reputation, you are hurting company, if you have good resume, it helps you get a job, it does not mean you will have a good career

  12. Eric did 34 years of experience in MLM, all of your beliefs are garbage, if you stay with that blaming habit, you are killing yourself, find a solution, do not stay in the situation you can not win, all results come from massive action

  13. guiding , guess how you learn, learn from what you are doing, learn what you are teaching, 3rd modeling, 4th study

  14. make a plan to do hot market, do it, and review it everything you do, what lesson I learned, then make a better plan, each action, each step you are taking, it will change your life, if you change 3%/ day, $10/hr
    3%/ day, $10/hr
    100% one year, $20/hr
    200%- 2 yrs., $40/hr
    400% 3 yrs., $80/hr
    800%-4 yrs., 160 /hr
    1600%-5 yrs. 320/hr
    3200%-6 yrs. 640/hr
    6400%-7 yrs., 1 million a year


  15. all out massive action, educate people to the point they understand , they understand everything, closing , they will very easy to make them make decision, not convince, not to push, at beginning, Eric has difficult to make people believe him , today we have internet which is education tool, people saw it will help , get people to watch it, give you a script, how to invite some one to listen or watch a video, including join a zoom, YouTube video, goal is education, have a conversation with the person. the beginning, I was begging, only 2% watched it, after he came up strategy, 80% watched it

  16. script,
    1) describe the resource, or YouTube video 7 mins long list all thing, you determine which tool works best for you, commitment it will take, it is only 7 mins or 30 mins, if you do not have time, start with 9 min. you will blow away
    2) if I give it to you, would you watch it…...? get a time, don’t care the time they answer
    3) when do you think you can watch it for sure? wait for answer
    4) so, If I contacted you after that, you will have seen it for sure, right?
    5) what’s the best way to contact you, phone or text?

example, I am doing this big launch this year, I think you are spectacular person, you will love it, I will give you 7 mins video. I have this instinct of you, it might be a fit for you, I can not get you out of my head, I think I have obligation to tell you, if I send you link, if you will watch it, take direct approach, do not use voice mail. you are perfect made for it. I am exciting about it; I can not describe it. you watch it

make a list of people it will be crush it, they will be great of it. 1. be in the hurry, 2. compliment them all the information is in zoom, what the best way to reach you? you stay out way, let tool to do the work, there is no good experience or bad experience, only experience

Day 3 - Jan 5 2022, ask some one to practice on them

  1. add new people to organization

  2. go to your hot market and ask for support. to be customer or distributors, they are experience your products, at this point of time, it is about quantity, big volume, use honey drop as example. not every honey will end up at the way out at bottom to gain momentum, quantity is very big deal here

  3. try to fill the funnel as much as possible, increase quantity, direct approach

  4. call people if you can practice with them, before I go out the world, can I practice on you. you are not my prospect, but I just wish to practice on you. I just need to have some to practice with, practice on product, presentation, samples, speeches

  5. if you are entrepreneur, it is so hard, you need to connect the dots. educate people.

  6. if you do not have hot market, go with your friends, you do have friends, get out weeds, make new friends

  7. I burned my hot market, but I was ambitus, if your ambitus is big enough, you will find the way, you will find from haven to earth, go to shopping mall. shock yourself with what you are capable of, kick this day’s ass off

Day 4 - Jan 6 2022, Indirect approach

  1. Eric is doing the fitness training, it is not pretty, but he is doing anyway

  2. you will feel better just doing it, this is you in charge of your life, like caterpillar stuck in cocoon, become a butterfly, it needs to struggle to grow. we are going strong anyway.

  3. give yourself permission to do it, no shame, no guilt, this is your process

  4. give yourself the power to move forward, breakthrough is going to happen

  5. if you are sprinting, you are fine, some of you are running, some of you are walking. some of you are crawling, some of you are not crawling as of yet, but you showed up here today, I am proud all of you

  6. if you go out to get 100 people in your team, there is variety of people at different speed, be proud of you are here

  7. how many customers/distributors you received?

  8. direct is something I have for you

  9. today we will talk about indirect approach, indirect is very powerful tool as well

  10. ask people:
    1)  advice
    2)  feedback
    3)  input
    4)  opinion
    example: be in the hurry, compliment, the reason I contact you, because you are smart mind, I need your feedback or I want to get your opinion, I am involving a business, I ready to get your opinion, it will work out, I am video, can you want it in 7 mins, would you please check it out and give me the feedback, I need your wisdom, I need your fresh eyes. I need someone give me feedback, play myself down, please up their ego.
    give me your advice, it means a lot for me, if I success, I would tell world because you inspired me, encouraged me

  11. assignment: practice with this indirect tool with someone, quantity, quantity, quantity


Day 5 - Jan 7 2022

  1. Every day shows up

  2. all business starts with conversation,

  3. educate people about our products and compensation

  4. plan to review, how can you do better? write it down

  5. fill the funnel with prospects, customers.

  6. quantity of people or prospects

  7. if you talked to 50 peoples you got 0 customers, did you waste your time? no, it is learning process and practices.

  8. No guilts, no shame

  9. you need to be willing, coachable, and hungry

  10. hot market, asking for support

  11. hot market, asking for practicing with them

  12. direct approach to a tool

  13. stay in motion, it is ok to be annoy

  14. indirect to a tool- the best long-term tool

  15. super indirect to a tool, busy, successful. in their mind, they are better than you.

  16. step 1, be in hurry, you are busy, I am busy too, step 2. compliment them, step 3. disqualify them, you are not my prospect, step 4, I know you know the people who are money motivated, entrepreneur, if you make me to know those people, I will make it worth your time. yes, I do, what is you are doing? what are we talking about? what you are growing, then do invite to a tool, 7 mins long tool. if I sent you this link, would you watch it? make a list of people of your candidate. they usually ask you if they worth their time. I got some people for you. before they join them, we will have a conversation, they will put him or him above their referrals. you can reward them by bring you some people. you sent me 5 people, it’s going the great opportunity for them, 3 of 5 wants to join, you could be above them, I will put them under you, I will work with them, you will make some money, but not a lot. would you like to do? this tool is not aiming to you. at the end, I am ready aiming to this, I will tell the world, you encourage me to do this, it means to me a lot, I am grateful you listen to me, any people your referral to me. thank you in advance

  17. I am super nervous to talk to you, it is scary to talk to you. I do know you know people; I know it could be real blessing to them,

  18. you go after those successful people, powerful person better than you

  19. everyone is open to extra cash flow, you might get yourself a spot above them, you got your additional income stream

  20. here is challenge, you continue with hot market.

  21. at least one conversation on your chicken list

Day 6 -Jan 10 2022

  1. have you ever started your own biz? or thought of biz, ask all hot market or cold market

  2. tell me what is like to start to business

  3. if answer is No, why not?

  4. too busy, not have time, no support, no good product ideas etc. no smart enough, wrong time. most people they would want to go with themselves, it is too scary, they would have to risk to their family or home. average people will need to have 55K to start a business, they are not sure if they have talent to grow a business, out side of network marketing, have you start your own business? how much do you 6 | P a g e start at your first 7 months? many people can not get their money back after they invested upfront in traditional business

  5. if it is Yes, how did it go?

  6. for all you have business, could you give a seminar what to do and what is not to do?

  7. I am super entrepreneur, please share with me your experience.

  8. this is what I would like to tell you, this is why I always seeing you as you are your own boss, you are busing your own empires, you are your own boss type of person

  9.  If I have conversation, this is set up like this way, I got a vehicle, it might be for you, I will have all business but no risk, would you like to hear about it? would you like to know about it? you have ability to offer them a solution. you could have all business benefit you could have, but you do not have risk for you, would you like to take a look at it? compliment them

  10. If I, would you?

  11. approach to a professional 运动员?说我有一个生意机会会很挣钱,但是你的现 在技能讲无法插手。但是如果我叫你如何做,你有胜算机会。如果你想要赚大 钱,需要开始接受培训计划, 12. 你的姿态变了,你的收入也会边。 13. 作业,开始对话,自己做老板。表扬他人,提问。 至少找 5 个人聊天

Angel Fletcher, a country girl,

  1. you need to identify how to pull a trigger

  2. she has every week day at 1 PM, people work together do training. provide work session. duplicatable or scalable.

  3. do a work session, go through tasks, and also have night time for people who had job

  4. five/five/five,
    1) find 5 new prospect every day. who have never exposed before?
    2) another different
    5 people public group, membership group. welcome to this group. I have recently achieved weight loss goal; I would like to share with you my tips
    3) another 5 new conversations.
    4) at the end of day, you have touched 25 people, 7 days a week. 175 people, times x4, 752 by 12 months, if you constantly doing it, you will make a success story
    5) I am walking them on my yes trails, I found out my products and business opportunity
    6) you can comment on their wall. you know how to find the people on social media.
    7) you can do a excel sheet with list of people
    8) follow up 5 people
    9) to make five decision every day
    10) solid yes, or solid no.
    11) if you have a team show up 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at the night, you show up to your team the commitment, you can do 15 mins also, or you can do a party too
    12) 90 days run , human nature will kicks in, people does not training, people needs you to show up and do it over and over again, find a new app to find prospects
    13) if you have pets, example dog moma, you can build rapport immediately. instantly business friendship with the other peopleg
    14) I tagged them on, I want them to watch my post, I am not just a doggie moma, message them on messenger, drive your retention to the roof, hitemup app
    15) this is the way to set you apart from other people in your company
    16) sit down to make a list
    17) she uses her phone to get people phone number on their birthday
    18) she also asks people to sign up free giveaway
    19) she also go the booth owner, send me your name with your text
    20) at the end, she will announce who win, for the people is not winning, she offers people 25% discount, give away a three-month telephone bill, give away reimbursement of some one’s large credit card payment, maybe 500$ bill etc.
    21) if you want to be my morning motivation group, be creative. figure out end results. if you want 70 customers, you need talk to how many people, tracking your numbers, track your growth percentage, take you have this month and next month. you will do a chart
    22) use activity tracker, crush it frazier brookes 90-day tracker
    23) how to you project yourself. she is in 9 yrs., if august is slow month, launch a special event on August, plan it and mapping it out, you are CEO of your own business. number does not lie, back track it. DMO =daily method of operation.
    24) she only has 9 grade education, broke, no money, no apartment, now pretty amazing.
    25) Hot seat Q & A


Day 9 - Jan 11 2022

  1. good things will have in the good conversation.

  2. this is income produce activities

  3. every conversation will be natural, 10 hours a day without a business agenda is not way to do it

  4. Eric did an example on the call or conversation in English

  5. 1) fight distraction for next 24 hours
    3) focus and take up a notch, one day a time, no business talk,
    4) repair at least one damaged relationship with next 24 hours
    5) Blitz together

Day 10 - Jan 12 2022

1. on a scale of 1 to 100 and where are we exceeding expectations

2. all business is conversation

3. our goal is education

4. we need to increase conversation, exposure, more education

5. we will book an appointment

6. will schedule an exposure, it could be invitation, or follow up etc. every exposure you schedule, meeting, zoom, watch a video all can consider as exposure

7. book at least 10 calls

Day 11 - Jan 13 2022

  1. If I do not have my personal trainer every day, I would not be showing up every day

  2. find an accountable to person to quote each other

  3. create a bubble around him to be a natural prolific person. 找一个你互相监督的人 8 | P a g e

  4. Tony Robbin example. under the spot light, he showed up, he will take that person home with him, 在家里和灯光下一样

  5. be my highest self all the time. recharge me is an excuse. I earned myself grumpy

  6. some of you deciding to be grumpy, some of you deciding to be stressed, some of you deciding to pissed off. treat as someone is watching you, please be highest possible frequency of you next 24 hours, you rise above it.

  7. after they exactly after they done with exposer? following is the exactly script

  8. 8. I struggle every presentation; it did not leave the best results. people gave me all kinds of stuff, I have mentor he has two questions process, I went beyond

  9. 1) did you see the opportunity?
    2) are you going to get started?

    following is Eric reengineered script.

    1. what did you like the best? it forces the process to find positive thing, it will you a clue his interest. the secret is it does not matter what they say other than clue that the they give you. if you did not know what you like the best
    2. on the scale 1 to 10, what is the number accurate describe you? 10 is getting started. 1 is least like it. if you get 7, it will join for sure. even zero people will sign it also, minus does not mean anything. 1 is zero interest. 10 is getting started
    3. __$$$$___, hypothetically, if you were to get started part time in the business, approximately how much would you need to earn per month in order for this to be worth your time short version, income per month, let’s just play for fun, 假设你来做兼职,你至少要挣多少 钱一个月,才配得、值得你愿意来做
    4. hours per week, realistically, how many hours per week could you commit to developing that type of monthly income? does this work with any approach, 100% this works with every exposure. 10 hours, 16 hours whatever
    5. how many months would you are willing to work____ hours per week where you were development ___per month income
    6. if I can show you, how to development your income, your hours, your month, would you like to get started? this is not can you, it is will you? this script will bring you a fortune. practice, use this script and practice in next 24 hours as assignment


Day 12 - Jan 14 2022

  1. If I am not intentional, my subconscious takes over, I will make bad choice of the food I am taking, I will have brain blank out, you need to set up your specific intention for that day

  2. it is fighting you from having this breakthrough

  3. I know what I should do, I know I could do, but I can not do it, it is not the fear, it is your subconscious mind is trying to get you back to normal

  4. for example, his fitness trainer, his trainer is on site, have camera in my face, food in front of me, supplement in place. what it changes your performance, get your family put camera in front of you and recording you

  5. Eric created a peer pressure. he is the person, if some one is watching, he performs, like Eric 1 and Eric 2. Eric 1 has bigger vision, yourself needs to employ you, come on kids, let go

  6. treat this like a business, I disagree with me, because it is my business, I give myself a day off, a week off, a month off, I treated as a job, if I am not doing well, I get fired, you will power through, show up, create some consequence, if you do not show up, what would happen, reprogram your mind to make success.

  7. two ways to do it, one is to go to get better input and reprogram your brain, two is do the action.

  8. a simple assignment. everyone of you if you have a team at all. this the best way to manage your existing team. ask them to focus for next 24 hours, every single one of you decide to repeat this information. and take appropriate action

  9. here is assignment for now and Monday morning: what about the team is not showing up, they are not your team, if they are glorified customers, go to get a new team

  10. conversation, exposure, lead to tools, another exposure, six questions. learn to be patient, here is the assignment.

  11. between now and Monday, to get 20 people to say no. who had exposure, they said No. ghosting is not No. you will get paid every No you get

  12. example, you get 5 NOS (s), you get one people signed, you get 500 people. every NO is equal 100$, let’s say you get 1 out of 10, how many of them joined? if you get 1 out 10, other gets 8 out 10, can you bet those people? increase the number. all is number game

  13. set intention to get 20 No(s), if 20 is too scary, do 10 or 5, or 5 is too scary, then do one

  14. whatever the intention you have, just try it. no shame, no guilt

  15. Eric will show us how to handle all kind of objection, next week we will work on social media to generate some prospects

Day 15 - Jan 17 2022

  1. Jessie Lee talks about social media

  2. document it all you do

  3. she is always doing 90 days run. what worked ready well to you? when you relaunched or just started it.

  4. every Monday night, she will print out all customer testimony and share some of them about their products, live video.

  5. if you match what Jessie do, your business will explode, she posts 4 times a day on each social media, just look the average people viewed, do not look each one post viewing

  6. you are not competing with me, you are competing with yourself

  7. download a tick Tok today, post 3 on it

  8. you can copy whatever she is doing, country music, makeup, daily operation of 90 days, transition video, just like today is Martin Luther king quote, you can change your life, if you can fly, just run, if you can not run, just walk, if you can not walk, just crawled, just look for watermark removers, then you can use it on anywhere

  9. in the morning, upload podcast

  10. look for a quote of a day

  11. go to Instagram, find your quote of day, put it in my Instagram and put photo of me

  12. add our story, add a quote below, every morning.

  13. in the morning dog walk, she is doing motivation call with same quote she did above, good morning, Lindsay, Sindy, say good morning to everyone, create a community.

  14. when she is doing her fitness, showing everyone, she shows everyone.

  15. even she was not looking good when she just woke up

  16. she does question and answers

  17. go to or and find out networking topics

  18. afternoon, she does train every day, she trains business tips, because she is not good at business. what is the best to learning, she is going through teaching?

  19. how to learn, 1) doing, 2. modelling, copy some one, 3) by teaching, 4) by study, such as here is tip how to use tok-tok.

  20. everything you are asking; you can find on google. boomerang

  21. start doing it live video, or post.

  22. we are stealing from all the greats. find a good photo and write a caption.

  23., for those terrible copywriters it rearranges your words for you.

  24. you can make it all caption.

  25. use the same caption with different photo on Facebook and Instagram, make two real a day. make your actual Instagram feed and one, just post one of them

  26. show a story, story.

  27. she did 2000 lives. pop up coaching.

  28. we all human, we get nervous. she will do a live video on Instagram. you can fake it.

  29. every single thing has to have a call to action.

  30. link to a bio, make a question. promotor with a flag on it.

  31. watch the replay

  32. if you, do it, your business will explode, pack the trail live.

  33. sell tons of trails

  34. call it tea time

  35. , beer time with Jeff, golf time with John

  36. ask for key words

  37. example coaching video how to make video.

  38. drop the word key word, I messaged everyone who has written the keyword, I say your comment, what can I answer for you

  39. if you do three post a day, you will have more people on the stage next year. because script take you through sales. her team 13 million in sales. she is four years in business

  40. how many of you inspired? how many of you are complete Frick out?

  41. dumb this down, watch it, pause it, take a note


  1. 3 tiktoks, today + IPA

  2. 1 tiktok/today + IPA

  3. learn more about tiktok + IPA

IPA=income productive activity


Problem solving

  1. what could I do?

  2. what could I learn?

  3. who could I ask?

  4. don’t ask first, ask fourth

google it, or following them