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Healy Quantum Frequency Revolution
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Information from 2020 GLOBAL WELLNESS SUMMIT:

We are at a pivotal, powerful moment with energy medicine. In the coming years, there will be a rush by medical and technology companies to further crack the code on how energy networks organize our bodies and brains, and they will use that knowledge to design interventions into our electromagnetic and biophotonicfields to prevent disease and boost physical and mental health.

It will create entirely new medical approaches, new products and new business models.

Here is Healy which has already entered and taken the world stage! 

Healy offers opportunities that are innovative, new, create financial abundance and provide security. It is important you look for a company that is led by experts in their field. Healy has been created using the Technology of TIMEWAVER. Since establishment in 2007, TimeWaver has been constantly working on developing new systems and concepts, and researching information field science and technology. TimeWaver is also an active member in the most important conventions and events of new science and medicine.