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What is the Healy Watch?

Compact, practical and innovative: The Healy Watch is more than just an ordinary fitness tracker or a smart watch. It is an integral part of the Healy World product family and a valuable addition to Healy; an important building block in a new and revolutionary wellness and balance system! It can be used alone or connected to a Healy through the Healy Watch Connector module.


Connector Module

The Healy Watch measures and evaluates which Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) Healy programs are best for you at any given moment, through the Healy Watch Connector module*. This module can analyze measurement data to find the frequencies that help you relax, reduce stress and support your fitness goals.

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Cable-free Harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field

There may be times when you find using cable electrodes with Healy awkward or inconvenient. In these situations, you can now use the new Healy Coil to transmit Healy frequencies without cables!