Max, Senior President at Healy, 5min Presentation

Alright, let's give it a shot, I'm trying to explain this in less than five minutes, four minutes, normally I could talk about it for days but there's so much to know about it's crazy anyway.

What is this, Healy is a personal wearable device and analyzing basically over ten million different frequencies and it will select the frequencies that you need right now in order to harmonize your bio-energetic field. So okay frequencies, bio-energetic field? What is he talking about?

First of all, frequencies are everywhere, frequencies is music, frequencies are the things you see, frequencies are colors. Frequencies is basically the language of the universe and how your body, soul and mind communicates.

Ok the bio-energetic field, what is this? I am telling you something. You're not just a body, you are an energy field with the body. Okay when you touch your body -  yes it's a strong mass, right? It's muscle, tissues. You break they down they are organs, they are cells. You break those down, they're molecules. You break those down, they are atoms.  You break those down, they are subatomic particles. Subatomic particles are moving particles, there's nothing else but energy in the moving of a frequency. So this is the most fundamental form of life. By the way your thoughts, your attention, the phone in front of you... everything is energy. It's all operating on frequency.

Okay, this little device is tapping for the first time in human history into our energy field and it actually makes you also analyze your energy that you can read things. Let me go into this a little bit later. So let's say I'm waking up in the morning today, I'm feeling sluggish or feeling empty and feeling low energy, what do I do? I pick one program out of the two hundred different frequency programs in here. Let's say you choose energy. So for the next forty minutes this little device will send me through micro current - Energy.

There are hundreds of different frequencies just for one program, because the medical advisory board of the company is selecting the frequencies they're put into programs and they know these frequencies are working on humans. So now they put into the energy program. And now for the next forty minutes I received exactly the frequencies individually what I need because it's also analyzing my bio-energetic field, pick and choose out of these couple of hundreds of frequencies exactly the frequencies that I need. This is the energy program and comes with a micro current by the way.

By the way this micro-current alone is increasing the ATP in my cells by up to 500%. What's the ATP? It is the energy of the cell. Compared to cell with a car, compared to ATP with fuel, now you put 500% more fuel in your car, that means a 500% more energy in your cell. This is just the micro-current combined with the right frequencies, you have the MAGIC. That is Energy.

Maybe tonight you can't sleep, you know what I do? I choose to Sleeping program, connect them. Boom! for the next forty minutes I receive frequencies that make me relax, they make me calm down and make me sleep deeper, longer, better.

OK, now you can choose whatever you want to support you like this frequency program for. Even hair, even skin, even your eyes, even meridians chakras... anything you can imagine! Whatever you want to support your day, you stay the situation there's a frequency program for it. This is what he does. Simple, okay? three minutes.

Now let me spend quickly, there are four different versions of Healy - each comes with a range of different frequency problems. Started with the Healy Gold - it's $506 or... depending on market you're in. Now when you go and choose the Healy Holistic Health which is a little bigger version - $1015... in your market, you have more frequency programs.

Now choose the Healy Resonance at $1515... The Resonance is the king of the Healy's because you can also put it into your hand - analyze the resonance application for it and now it's analyzing your bio energetic field.

  1. It will tell you what frequency problems you need to post now.

  2. It will tell you all kinds of homeopathic remedies - what is most relevant for you right now.

  3. It will show you in your chakras in your energy field - where you mental emotional blockages that carrying around since a long long time with you.

  4. It will make you understand things you have now understood that never known about yourself a breakthrough or limitations of... this is too long. okay I can talk to now

On top of the range of the Healy Profession.

Now whatever mentor is? A mentor is Sharing is Caring. We have been sharing this device to over 350,000 families so far. Finally they're tapping into the most fundamental form of their lives, which is their energy from inside out, becoming their own master, becoming more aware, becoming more balanced, becoming more light in the way they lift their lives. It's beautiful and we have the most beautiful testimonies experience to share, tens of thousands ... I can't name them in this video, because it would not be compliant.

Now you can purchase the Healy with a fourteen days money back guarantee. Use it try it. If you don't like it, send it back. I personally never experienced anybody sending this device back because everybody after a while understand how powerful it is.

So this is what you can do.


By the way there's a promotion right now and this promotion couldn't be named any better. It's called sharing-is-caring. Sharing-is-Caring means you purchase a Healy Gold or any Healy of any version you want, you'll receive a second Healy for free. You can give it to your loved ones, you can give to somebody who needs it. This is beautiful so really use this promotion. It's just there for a very short amount of time. Sharing-is-caring is our Mentor because we know what we're doing, we want more people experience this beautiful benefits. It has been so good for so many of hundreds of thousands of people will go for millions of people.  It would be also good for you and all the other people that you know around you. Sharing is Caring, ...Take care