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 Personal Microcurrent & Bio Resonance Wearable

Healy Products & Opportunity on Trend and on Demand
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Healy Revolutionary Products and Opportunities
Healy On Trend  Healy On Demand

Healy Revolutionary Products and Opportunities
Achieve  -  Health Wealth Happiness


Vibrate Healy Frequencies to Heal to Manifest Your Dream
Healy Quantum Frequency Revolution

Healy - personal medical and lifestyle wearable device


Healy Gold and Healy Holistic are only for microcurrent therapy using pink-dot app
Healy Resonance and Healy Professional , also are for both pink-dot and blue-dot apps for remote therapy as well.
Each Healy edition can be upgraded to up level editions at any time.


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Welcome to Healy Frequency Gifts Coming toTown.com!

I am Weining Morrisroe, known as Winnie, living in the US. I have been involved in Healy since March 2021. I am proud Healy World member and achieved
Senior Director rank, leading my fast-growing winning team with 300+ members mostly in the US. I am also the designer and webmaster of my own website totown.com - webdesign is one of my hubbies :-)  I wish to help my team members and new friends to know and learn about Healy and to benefit from Healy frequencies for lives.

I had prior long professional career in landscape architecture and civil engineering. Due to an injury with broken bone on my right wrist 4 years ago which caused some me some limitation using my right hand, I retired early. Then I met and evolved in doTerra essential oil business and achieved Silver rank at doTerra. in March 2021 I met Healy which is, I found,  more fascinating, more meaningful and a better opportunity to me. Yes Healy has been a very exciting and rewarding experience for us.

I am thankful you are here. I would say it's worth it to own a Healy even you're not sure about having a business on Healy. Go with the flow. Learn and use it, then decide where you want to go with it. For those of you who are looking for opportunities right now, it is way better opportunity than most other ones. Review my other pages -
Healy Business and 20 Reasons MLM is the Business for 21st Century.  If you have any questions, leave me your message in the form below, or call me or leave me message to my phone 408-480-2367. We can chat!

Due to an injury with broken bone on my right wrist 4 years ago which caused some me some limitation using my right hand, I retired early.

You have found the best gift and products on earth 
- Healy, a personal medical healing and lifestyle wearable device made in Germany with wisdom and basics of energy, frequency and vibration from universe.

This is world's first frequency therapy device using quantum sensor as core tech  for self holistic health, wellbeing and vitality. Healy technology includes quantum physics as core tech, cell membrane potential theory,

The "quantum induction micro-current frequency meter" developed and produced by Healy of Germany uses high-tech quantum technology to integrate traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, Chinese gems of I Ching, Indian Ayurvedic chakra, and cell membrane negative potential theory, flower essence healing, Alaska gem energy, creative homeopathy, medicine, digital nutrition and other programs, built-in the latest research and development of quantum generator, combined with big data and artificial intelligence technology, the energy frequency analysis of the human body, animals, plants and even things needed, and can pass The method of resonance and remote induction resonance enhances its energy. HEALY can help us with emotion management, stress management, energy management, unity of body and mind, and life management. It is an artificial intelligence personal wearable device suitable for all ages and leads the world!

I am Weining Morrisroe known as Winnie M. living in the US. I had long professional careers in landscape architecture and civil engineering. Now I am big fan and proud member of Healy and I have ranked as Senior Director leading my fast-growing winning team. I am also the designer and webmaster of this website - webdesign is one of my hubbies. I have put a lot of time and effort, preparing for this website, trying to help team members and new friends as many as possible

I would say Healy, as an innovative, handy and useful personal device, is absolutely worth you to own for all you need in life. And since Healy is in such huge growing trend and on demand, Healy business is also absolutely worth you to get evolved. This is maybe life-time opportunity.

You are welcome to browse around on this website. If you have questions,

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