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Important!    Help others improve their wellbeing and seize your opportunity to be successful.


Important!    Prepare your mind and your heart, ready to serve, change lives, and make impact.


4 tips to be successful in network marketing:

  1. Be fully in love and alignment with the product. Because everything else can just really flow authentically from there.

  2. Create strong Vision that's greater than company, the Vision is much much bigger than selling product. It is what we could truly do how we could truly impact humanity with it. So always led with the vision.

  3. Then create community around that vision. Within those communities, I would always highlight the incredible parts of network marketing - the incredible friendship, that you make the incredible growth and development journey that happens inside of it. Network marketing is a petri dish for growth and development. That's what people show up for create community around.

  4. Don't give a shits what anyone thinks. Ignore those negative comments and focus on your love, your vision, your passion, your business, soon your network takes off, your profit takes off, and your happiness takes off. Who cares who said what?

Important!    Firstly, it is your own business. And  It's also a team work - with your your downlines and uplines.


Three Levels Evolving Healy

  1. Use Healy benefits caring for yourself and your family.

  2. Share, recruit and help people around you improve their well-being and earn commission from Healy as additional income for your family.

  3. Grow your team and take a lead of your team and serve for more people and community. Take on a mission, make impact and change lives.

Healy Hastle Video - notice that the 3X3 uni-level structure - everyone needs to develop at least 3 effective team legs:

Healy Compensation Plan Video (July 2021  version):

A Glance at Healy Bonus Types:


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Beginners:  Fast Start Bonuses
Fast growth from Builder to Team Manager

Healy Company offers special and extra Fast Start Bonuses to newly enrolled Healy members who can bring people to Healy during 1st 30 and 60 days of enrollment.